eCommerce Fulfillment


Customer Satisfaction!

Effective E-Commerce Fulfillment is all about supplying and delivering within a reasonable time the exact goods to the right customer!

Keeping the supply chain moving!

  • To ensure this happens! Product demand cannot outstrip availability
  • Whether you manage your own logistics, have a central warehouse or outsource

Inventory management is a must to ensure effective E-Commerce fulfillment . E-Commerce software solutions can effectively manage inventory.

An important consideration when dealing with logistics is timescales, ensuring the method you choose does what you state in your delivery policy

-Reverse Logistics are also an Important Part of the Business!

-Returns are inevitable!

-E-Commerce fulfillment is as much about returns as it is about delivery !

All businesses get returns, simple mistakes such as a wrong product sent to the customer need to be returned and dealt with!

Undelivered or damaged goods come back to the business. Damaged products need to be exchanged or refunds initiated!

Tracking these reverse logistics help the business to fault find, perhaps damages are in one particular batch of an item, checks can be made and steps taken to ensure they are not sent to customers.

Outsourcing Logistics?

When your logistic service works well, you have happy customers. When your logistic service fails there are added costs, customer frustration and even worse the loss of customers! There are Third Party Logistics providers who deal with E-Commerce fulfilment with a high degree of accuracy, with a proven record of experience and success! who can deal directly with your supplier and customers for you. They do the picking, packing, transport, shipping, and warehousing for a cost of course.

Can the business afford not to outsource logistics?

Growing businesses need space and warehousing and shipment is a major part! If the business logistics cannot cope with demand the business will founder!

How to grow your E-Business?

Every business needs to change and grow!

  • Growing your business is the same for an E-Business as for any other business, get the basics right at the start!
  • Ensure your customers get what they expect from your store!
  • Display real-time availability on your range of goods
  • A searchable store so customers can look for exactly what they want!
  • Good delivery provides a good grounding for growth

Products on the store should be displayed in an engaging way with plenty of information for the customer to make an informed choice.

Happy Customers are more likely to give return business

Does your site have scalability?

For online retailers there are a variety of E-Commerce solutions , all of which are scalable, such as Big commerce, Magento, Shopify and CubeCart. Scalability is something you should consider when defining your logistic needs enabling your business to grow and deal with surges such as high demand coming up to holiday periods!

To ensure business growth resources should also be scalable to meet demand! Product sourcing should be ongoing to bring new items into store on a regular basis.

Tools For Growing Your Business !

Tools such as …….

  • Marketplace websites to boost your customer base such as Ebay which can increase the exposure of your website, goods and services.
  • Text marketing to send offers and discounts direct to your customer base.
  • Customer Feedback services provide mechanisms for customers to submit ideas, ask question, voice concerns helping the business to create a customer community.
  • Advertising analysis, what parts of your marketing campaign are the most effective? there are sites that will analyse and optimise your marketing and advertising campaigns which in turn can help to maximise your profit!
  • Social Marketing is a fast becoming an essential component for every businesses marketing activies. There are services which can automate posts to social networking sites, which can provide a base to increase account popularity.
  • Video can be used to increase conversion rates! Hosting videos which show how and why a product will benefit a customer, engaging customers can help sell products.
  • Cloud Hosting offers a scalable infrastructure platform which can increase capacity to meet demand, such as busy holiday periods, keeping website downtime to a minimum.
  • Cloud Communication Providers which offer a service helping businesses to manage telephony such as building a call centre, where every operator works from home.
  • Website Testing can be done to gain user interaction data that can help you to make choices about website design, cart layout, product presentation to boost conversion rates.